Frank Gehry creates exquisite rough diamond and pearl necklace for Tiffany and Co.

At first glance, you might think someone has placed some pretty baubles on a scarf. But look closer, and you will realize that it is actually a unique necklace. No ordinary necklace this, it has been created specially by Frank Gehry for Tiffany and Co. The unique necklace boasts of rough diamonds and Keshi pearls, which are aesthetically placed on a white gold mesh. Rough diamonds are not very common, which adds to the exclusivity of the necklace. Boasting a $750,000 price tag, this necklace is not just exclusive but expensive as well. With the current trend of contemporary jewelry pieces boasting rough diamonds, this necklace is sure to find a buyer soon. Exquisite, exclusive, and truly exceptional, this necklace is truly a class apart.

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