From lab-grown diamonds to pave bands, these Engagement rings are all the rage

There are quite a number of wedding trends to keep up within this era. From wedding dresses to entertainment, themes and styles, changes come and go like the tide and it is our job to keep you updated. Where engagement ring trends are concerned, there are quite a number of changes, which are making an impact on the choices to be made in the year 2020.

Whether you’re planning on getting engaged or even checking out wedding rings, allow us to show you some of the new trends in engagement rings. A look at some of these options would help you with inspiration to find the right type of ring for that special person. Find what’s popular and what fits their personality at the same time. Even if you want something special that stands out from the crowd, you can do that and still keep with the trends in 2020.

Pavé bands
We offer you pave for new style engagement rings, a style that has continued to grow more popular with time. If you’re looking for some extra sparkle, then consider a pave band. Its popularity has rung true through 2019 and will surely continue into 2020.

Another trendy engagement ring is the halo ring with a design in which the center diamond looks larger than with usual traditional engagement rings. There is also the option of a vintage halo, for an even more unique halo ring that is glamorous, but still unique. A lovely way to stand out amongst your friends.

Yellow gold rings & mixed metals
In keeping up with the trends and celebrity engagement rings, yellow gold rings are beginning to see a comeback. While this yellow gold engagement rings trend may not to white and platinum rings, it is definitely rising in popularity. Often highlighted with platinum detailing, it is definitely a great look for someone looking for something different and yet stunning.

Stackable engagement rings
The new concept of stacking rings has brought about new interlocking designs that support the trends. Brides who enjoy wearing their eternity, engagement and wedding rings all together will surely love this new style.

Rose gold engagement rings
It would be almost impossible for the rose gold engagement ring to go out of style. Whether a thin band rose gold engagement ring, solitaire or pear-shaped stone, it is the classic engagement ring. A style and look that is flattering to most skin tones and will give utmost joy to the wearer.

Minimalist engagement rings
The art that less is more is brought to the limelight by jewelers who create simplistic beauty by pairing delicate bands with strikingly beautiful stones. This is a perfect choice for anyone with a minimalistic flair or who just isn’t keen on making a statement.

Lab diamonds
Lab grown diamonds are becoming the go-to for couples who are acutely conscious of the environment. If you are searching for ways to reduce your carbon imprint or go green, then this might be a plausible and yet stylish option in 2020.

Solitaire Setting
The perfect way to show off a gorgeous stone is with a solitaire setting. This classic setting is one of the most popular for most beautiful wedding rings, and can be used for an engagement as well.

In engagement and wedding ring trends, ovals have been trending for recent brides in a huge way. The brilliant cut of the oval gives an elongated shape to a bride who wants the sparkle of a round diamond, but with something extra. Its slight unconventionality, makes it a perfect choice for today’s bride.

Colored center gemstones

For bolder and brighter styles, go with colored gemstones and diamonds in 2020. Many brides are choosing colored stones that speak to their style and personality. This over the more traditional choice. The top choice are sapphires, which come second to diamonds. Other options include emeralds and rubies, which can be set on yellow, white or a rose gold band to enable you express your style with a trendy engagement ring.

Three stone rings
The trend for the three-stone engagement ring kicked off when Meghan Markle upgraded her solitaire. Often a large gem or diamond set with two smaller one, the three stone ring is said to represent the present, past and future of a couple.

In keeping up with engagement ring trends of today, there are still quite a lot of options to choose from for every type of bride. From the minimalist to the eco friendly or the classic and traditional bride. Each wedding band trend to blend with her personality, enable her stand out, and stay trendy at the same time in 2020.

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