Gift your bitter half a Sruli Recht ‘ring’ to get out of a complicated relationship

Certain people would try to be different than the rest just for the heck of it. These mighty rich at time are mighty low on common sense, and there are some extra clever designers who cash in on their ignorance and foolishness! A live example: Icelandic based designer Sruli Recht’s ‘ring’ series. These ghastly and totally uncreative rings are each made with 10 carat white gold band and feature an internal thread structure to screw in three an uncut rough diamond held by ugly-looking claw like structures. These diamonds are replaceable and come in sets of three, i.e., black, white and yellow and they come packed in an equally uninspiring hand painted box. Thank god they didn’t mention a price for this damp squib, not like we expected any better!

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