Great Gift Alert! This gold dipped rose takes your partner’s love for flowers to a new luxurious level

Roses are rich with meaning in most cultures, with roses of different colors symbolizing everything from purity to romance and friendship. But most importantly roses are time honored symbols of love and devotion; a single red rose always means “I love you”. But while most roses wither away in bouquets or wilt in flower vases, we’ve stumbled across a real rose that promises to last forever.

It’s the 24 Karat Gold-Dipped Natural Rose, a unique product from the UK’s top destination for gifts for her: Eternity Rose. This is not an artificially created metal rose, but a real rose that has been dipped in 24K gold. The gold coating preserves the rose forever; a timeless symbol of love and romance. This gilded rose is presented in a beautiful leather case lined with velvet and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Eternity Roses are grown and cultivated in nurseries, where they are tended by experienced horticulturists who carefully pick each rose at the very moment that it starts to open. The rose is subsequently preserved in gold at the very height of its beauty. Each rose undergoes a complex 60-step procedure to take it from ordinary to Midas touched. Stringent quality control testing is implemented to ensure that each rose is perfect and as flawless as possible.

While a golden bouquet would look fabulous on your work desk every morning, there’s something personal and romantic about these exquisitely preserved flowers. Make them a Valentine’s gift, or a keepsake on a special birthday. They are an unorthodox and dreamy choice for a milestone anniversary (four years of togetherness are traditionally marked by a gift of flowers, while 50 years together are celebrated with gold) and the company even offers a silver dipped rose that’s perfect for a couple’s silver anniversary. In fact, we recommend spoiling yourself with a gold dipped rose, just as a reminder that you’re special!

You can get your own timeless gold dipped rose for £129 (around $172) online at EternityRose

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