Harry Winston presents the Attraction Necklace

Harry Winston is nicknamed by the press as “The King of Diamonds” and with good reason! A look at this dazzling Attraction Necklace is enough to stop you from reading further. But it’s my job to write about this exclusive ornament so here I go. This remarkable piece of jewelry has a 31.19 carat D color, internally flawless rocks (diamond) which on its own is a rare and spectacular gem. To enhance its exquisiteness further, Winston has set the stone within a frame of pear-shaped and brilliant-cut diamonds. This centerpiece hangs from a chain of pears and brilliants that is over 72 carats. If intended, one can also wear the pendant as a brooch.

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This exceptional piece is available at the Harry Winston New York salon. I was so stunned by its splendor that I missed on to the price tag!