Ice cream collection, hot chili peppers and more, all a part of Bulgari’s latest jewelry collection

Bulgari’s latest line commemorates the Italian’s everlasting spirit of joie de vivre. The country’s most fashionable and luxurious fashion couturier has curated an exclusive collection to celebrate the Italian art of throwing a ‘festa’. Bulgari, the brand that has been synonymous with class and elegance, revealed its latest collection with a lavish fiesta in Venice. We hear the collection is Bulgari’s most celebratory yet.

The dazzling collection spans over 100 pieces – which are interestingly divided into three themes: Festa dell’Infanzia, Festa della Principessa and Festa della Tradizione, each one celebrating Italian art de vivre.

“Italians love to live and live to love,” says the brand’s creative director, Lucia Silvestri, as the collection is unveiled. “We wanted to celebrate the joy, spirit and warmth of the Italian festa. It was so much fun to work on from beginning to end and I hope you can feel that in the pieces.”

Italian celebratory events are often represented by lollipops, ferris wheels, presents, bunting and sweeties. Infusing these motifs with jewelry has been the primary concept behind this novel collection. While cocktail rings depict Italian desserts as dollops of diamonds atop oozing layers of chalcedony and agate, with a cabochon emerald cherry on top, a marquetry mosaic of chrysoprase, coral, mother-of-pearl and sugilite pays homage to gelato.

The collection inevitably took social media by a storm and proved just as irresistible to clients, selling within hours of the launch.

More about the collection! Rustic southern Italian traditions such as hanging pepperoncini for good luck have been inculcated with the line as chilli peppers are carved from amethyst and rubellite, strung around the neck from a collection of carved tourmaline and peridot leaves, while amethyst and peridot grapes dangle from delicate diamond bracelets. These typically colourful jewels are interspersed with more delicate, white diamond pieces in the Tarantella suite, a web of diamonds inspired by the frenzied Tarantella dance which stems from the belief that the only way to cure a deadly tarantula bite is to dance until exhaustion.


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