Japanese jeweler gives Darth Vader a golden makeover

With only a few months left until the December release of the 7th installment to one of the biggest film franchises of all times, the Star Wars merchandise industry is already blooming with ideas. This time, a Japanese jeweler that goes by the name of Ginza Tanaka has taken the lead by creating a gold plated Darth Vader mask. Though sadly, the gold leaf lined mask is not for sale, it will be on display till 6th May, before it is handed to The Walt Disney Company, who own the rights of the film series since 2012. Hopefully, Disney too, will find a way to keep on display the lux memorabilia that deserves to have its spot of glory!

To ensure that fans aren’t heartbroken about the mask, and to observe the countdown until ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ there will be gold coins engraved with the popular villain and his stormtroopers. These coins are available in different sizes, weighing anywhere between 5 and 30 grams of which the starting price is $543 (65,000 yen) for the smallest Darth Vader mint. A special 11-piece set of varying sizes and designs will set you back $8,354 which is roughly about a million yen.

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The films have created a long-lasting, world-wide frenzy ever since inception, which has led to parallel growing merchandise industry, both official and unofficial, that feed the fans’ ultimate sci-fi universe fantasies. Good examples of that would be the Home Theatre, Yoda and Darth cuff links, the one of a kind Razor Blade gaming laptop, character figurines or the Evian themed bottles.

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[via – Hindustan Times]

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