Judith Leiber Cake Slice Crystal Minaudiere is tempting

Now you can have your cake and not eat it. Instead, show it off to your friends and maybe tempt them to have a slice of real cake. You, however, can invest in this gorgeous Judith Leiber Cake Slice Crystal Minaudière. After previously introducing Judith Leiber’s Topsy Turvy Cake Minaudière and Cupcake clutch, we take great pleasure in writing about the Cake Slice Crystal Minaudière. This spectacular Minaudière’s is designed with several layers of colorful crystals. All of the crystals are hand beaded. To top it off are the ribbons of pastel pink representing the icing on the cake, and it is finished off with a red cherry snap closure on the top. Finally, the Cake Slice Crystal Minaudière is fitted with a 19″ chain, lined with metallic blue Nappa leather, and it retails for $4,995.
[Judith Leiber]

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