Lakers Championship winners get 15 carat gold rings

The basketball players have it all laid out to them on a silver platter. Or must we say, a golden platter? They seem to be getting more bling in their lives than the Queen of England, and judging by what they get when they win, it certainly must be true. The NBA Lakers Championship winners got the 15-carat gold rings, which were crafted in honor of their 15th championship title. The ring comes with 14 diamonds on the outside and a small trophy to tell the championship tale.

Moreover, the players could also boast of their individual portraits on one side of the ring and their jersey number on the other side. The rings look so heavy that the players might need physiotherapy to play basketball again after wearing it for a while. You could check out other rings like the Leonore Annenberg’s 32 Carat diamond ring and the Alliance Ring, if you don’t play basketball good enough to win NBA championships.
Via: [Trend Hunter]

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