Louis Vuitton revitalizes the Voyage dans le Temps jewelry collection

Louis Vuitton has revisited the Victorian era, as they released the new version of the Louis Vuitton the Voyage Dans le Temps jewelry collection. The esteemed French brand, which is known for its elegant fine jewelry, has offered breathtaking creations like Louis Vuitton Escale á Paris jewelry collection, and Louis Vuitton L’âme du Voyage jewelry collection. This time around, the brand is taking its expedition to a finer level with the new Louis Vuitton Voyage dans le Temps jewelry collection. Lorenz Bäumer also designs this second edition; and includes intricate statement necklaces, earrings, broaches, and rings. The collection illustrates the Monogram flower through different styles adapted from different eras, celebrating the Fine Jewellery that illustrates time. These new creations show the essence of Maison’s expertise with the Louis Vuitton star-cut and flower-cut diamonds. The marquise and princess-cut diamonds lead to a modern horizon of fine jewelry. Some of the other exquisite jewelry from the Voyage Dans le Temps Jewelry Collection are featured below:-

The dazzling Louis Vuitton ‘Dentelle d’hiver’ necklace flaunts a Louis Vuitton cut diamond at 2.58ct and 953 diamonds.

Louis Vuitton White gold ‘Monogram Infini’ brooch radiates with Louis Vuitton cut diamond at 1.33ct and 356 diamonds at 4.06ct.

Louis Vuitton ‘Monogram Infini’ pendant earrings look elegant in white gold with Louis Vuitton cut diamonds at 0.51ct and 0.50ct, 352 diamonds at 2.13ct, and 18 Akoya pearls.

The beautiful Louis Vuitton ‘Monogram Infini’ ring in white gold flourishes one intricate Louis Vuitton cut diamond at 1ct and 393 diamonds at 2ct.

Louis Vuitton ‘Dentelle d’hiver’ bracelet is elegant evening wear in white gold with one Louis Vuitton cut diamond of 1.60ct and 347 diamonds.

Louis Vuitton ‘Monogram Infini’ necklace gives a modern touch to the Victorian era in white gold. One Louis Vuitton cut diamond at 1.56ct, 418 diamonds at 4.84ct, 24 bead diamonds at 5ct, and 77 Akoya pearls.

The elegant Louis Vuitton ‘Dentelle d’hiver’ pendant earrings in white gold, with 131 diamonds at 2.31cts, is a must-have for every fine jewelry fan.


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