Louis Vuitton teams up with Lorenz Bäumer to create the L’âme du Voyage jewelry collection

Louis Vuitton caters to the whims and needs of all its clientele. For those who weren’t smitten by the exquisite Pearl jewelry collection, Louis Vuitton hopes to charm you with their latest jewelry line. The new line is christened L’âme du Voyage (The Soul of the Trip) and results from the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Paris-based jewelry designer Lorenz Bäumer. The exquisite collection comprises six sets, a one-of-a-kind necklace the focal point of each, with prices running up to $2.5 million! The line whose theme is travel connects Louis Vuitton’s travel heritage with Bäumer’s own fondness for going places. The pieces are all unique and extraordinary. The bib-style necklace boasts a design of circles in white, red, and yellow gold, overlapping and glinting with colorful stones, which Bäumer refers to as Masai in honor of the bright collars worn by the semi-nomadic African people.

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Another piece is an architectural marvel of swooping ovals and loops that intertwine, with sapphires, the faintest blush of pink sheltered amid a roller coaster of small white stones.
Bäumer is also delighted to have two Vuitton diamonds with patented cuts, a rounded-cut flower, and a pointed-cut version that mirror the shapes of the house’s monogram motif. The rare stones boast between 61 and 77 facets. The monogram shapes also register subtly in a laser-cut gold lace Bäumer created to use on the bib necklace and earrings and rings.
Sure to charm the globetrotting, luxury-loving woman, this line is definitely a class apart. The L’âme du Voyage collection will be unveiled in October 2009.

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