Love your designer fashion?- Here are 5 reasons you need a safe for your precious handbags this holiday season

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but all the girls out there should be kind to their diamonds too! You get your diamond jewelry cleaned and polished regularly so you can wear it with pride, but do you store it safely too? If you love the convenience of having your precious jewelry in the house, but crave the safety of a bank vault, then a jewelry safe is the perfect investment for you and your diamonds. Not only does a jewelry safe bring with it a measure of security and peace of mind, it can also add to the beauty of your bedroom or closet. Keep reading to know why a safe is an essential purchase for luxury lovers.

Your jewelry deserves some love
You love wearing your heirloom jewelry and watches, but you know they are safer at the bank. A safe is like a personal vault in the comfort and privacy of your own home. You can trust that your diamonds and pearls are always close at hand but never in danger of being stolen.

Every handbag is an investment!
If you’re splurging on an Hermés Birkin or Kelly, it is worth the effort to store them in a safe. Luxury bags like these can easily sell for several times their original price at auction which makes them valuable investments that need to be protected. A big investment bag like a Birkin, deserves to be stored in a safe.

Beautiful on the inside
Brown safes offer a high level of customization, so you can choose the number of drawers, shelves and compartments that you want. From fabric lined surfaces to LED interior lighting, the company is dedicated to making their products not only an efficient and safe storage for your accessories, but also a beautiful display when it needs to be.

A collector’s dream
Safes are valuable to every kind of consumer, but they are non-negotiable for collectors. Whether you’re building a collection of vintage Louis Vuitton purses or limited edition Swiss watches, a safe makes a great home for your items. Having everything in one safe lets you easily catalogue and keep track of your collection without compromising on safety.

Luxe features for luxe safes
Looking to take your safe to the next level? Do it with functional features like their watchwinders that keep mechanical watches ready for wear with no notice required. Or customize the exterior or interior of your safe using one of Brown’s many options. The company will always strive to deliver a product that meets all your needs.

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