Lush red ruby steals the show at a record breaking $30 million sale, beating the diamond

Whoever thought diamonds are the most expensive stones on the earth, clearly didn’t know about The Sunrise Ruby! This particular Burmese ruby is known for its flawless deep red ‘pigeon blood’ color that is a rarity among rubies and will now also be known as the most expensive, beating all other records! The ruby that was auctioned off on Tuesday stunned the Sotheby Auction House in Geneva by crossing its estimated £12 million and finally settled at £19 million, which works out to a staggering $30 million!

According to the Sotheby’s, the price went up by two telephone bidders who went neck to neck trying to get their hands on the colored gemstone. This ruby took the record for the most expensive non-diamond sold in the world and was amongst a few other record breaking items at the auction which included an 8.72 carat rare pink diamond and a 78-beaded natural pearl necklace.

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