Of all the brands, Cheetos comes up with a jewelry set that costs $20k

If you’re reading this while snacking on your favorite Cheetos snack, you probably will be put in a mixed place of shock and surprise. The cheese snack manufacturer recently introduced a string of merchandise for die-hard Cheetos lovers, one of which includes a very pricey jewelry set that is priced at a whopping $20,000! That’s right! Your go-to nosh churner just turned into a jewelry maker and a very exquisite one at that!

The unique jewelry set is designed to ape the brand’s cherished symbol – the cheetah and will be presented as a pair of earrings and a ring. The eye of each of the earrings and the ring are meant to resemble the tail of the Cheetos mascot and will come encrusted in a base of orange sapphires, 18 karat gold, and nearly 200 diamonds! If that’s a bit out of your budget, but you’re nonetheless a crazy Cheetos fan, you can opt for the remaining bit of the assortment that includes- Chester Cheetah’s bathing briefs, “Colour de Cheetos” bronzer, “Cheetaeu” perfume, “Cheesy” cuff links and the “toilet paw-per.”

The “Designs by Chester Cheetah” collection is primarily introduced to present buyers with unique gifting options for the real Cheetos fans, while also extending the playful and fun personality of the brand across a variety of categories, including the very luxe jewelry set. So, in case you’re an affluent Cheetos fan who can’t see to get enough of it, buck to buy yourself the only remaining set of the cheetah-themed jewelry!


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