P’3140 Porsche Design Shakepen writing instrument

Just a mention of the brand name Porsche and it gets me fascinated. And when it’s from Porsche Design along with a red dot award for product design 2006, it doesn’t need any honey-dipped words to pull your attention. Recently I came across this writing tool by Porsche Design that is christened as “Shakepen”. It communicates statements such as technical perfection, sporting elegance and high-speed. Being lightweight and measuring only 11cm, it is remarkably compact. What I liked about this design is a semicircular projection at the end to prevent the writing tool from rolling off inclined or flat surfaces….which usually happens. But what is novel about the P’3140 Porsche Design Shakepen is its surprisingly simple shake mechanism. Just a brief flick of the wrist is enough and the point extends ready for writing, and with a similar movement it retracts into the housing again. What this swift movement of the wrist evokes is an association of astonishing functionality that is compliant with and typical of the entire Porsche Design brand.

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The materials used such as chrome-plated metal and natural rubber, create a high-value appearance and make this writing tool pleasing to the touch. Unfortunately my writing tool is not any smart pen but a boring clickety keyboard.