Popigai Astroblem, the Russian Crater, holds an unmatched diamond trove

An announcement by Russian scientists that a Siberian meteorite in their possession holds “trillions of carats” of diamonds has sent the world market in a tizzy. Moscow scientists revealed that the hitherto hushed 35 million year old, 62-mile (100-kilometer)-wide Popigai Astroblem crater, which was first unearthed in the 1970s, could revolutionize the world’s diamond market with its superlative quality and finesse, which is twice as hard as ordinary diamonds.

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The works of the Novosibirsk-based Sobolev Institute of Geology has brought this treasure trove back in the limelight. It has come to notice that this deposit contains industrial strength ‘impact diamonds’ that can be used for deep-sea drilling or forging finely delicate machine parts as opposed to diamonds used by jewellery brands.
As the feasibility, truthfulness and practicality of these claims continues to be debated and disputed, one can only wait and wonder whether a radical change in the international market is on the cards.

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