Precious 507.55 carat diamond discovered in South African mine

Shortly after the news of diamond company Orra discovering a Lord Ganesh shaped 514-carat diamond in their African mine, there is news that another diamond company has made a rare discovery at their mine as well. Petra Diamond Ltd. says they have found a diamond the size of a chicken egg at South Africa’s Cullinan mine. The discovery at the mine northeast of Pretoria, South Africa, was made on Thursday. The exceptional 507.55-carat diamond weighs just over 100 grams and boasts exceptional color and clarity. In fact, the diamond may be among the world’s top 20 high-quality gems!

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Another priceless discovery from the same mine that produced the largest diamond ever found, the Cullinan (3106 carats), is simply amazing. The value and price of this latest 507.55-carat discovery, however, is yet to be determined.