Queen’s collection of Royal jewels to be exhibited at the Buckingham palace

Diamonds and jewels are a royal’s loyal accomplice, stunning one and all in their display. In a fitting tribute to the Diamond Jubilee of Her Highness, Queen Elizabeth II, a dazzling collection to celebrate her 60 years on the throne is all set to go on display at Buckingham Palace. The collection includes the exquisite diamonds of her coronation at the tender age of 27, the jewels given to her on her 21st birthday, and the “Granny’s tiara” given by her grandmother as a wedding present. The display includes the Sovereign’s personal jewels and explores the gemstone’s association with British monarchs during the last 200 years. Also featured is Queen Victoria’s famous miniature crown containing 1,200 diamonds and many other jewels, which have undergone major or minor transformations throughout the ages to retain their grandeur.

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The Jubilee Celebration would be opening for two months in August at the Buckingham Palace. Some of the remarkable pieces from the royal lineage are the snuff box made for King Frederick the Great of Prussia, Williamson Brooch and South African necklace.

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