Rare Red Diamond was bought for $2.6 million

DIAMONDS, in general, are not at all rare. But natural fancy colored diamonds are very rare and expensive. And Red is one of the rarest and most desirable colors! So if it’s red and if it’s diamond too then it’s bound to be the most sought after rock by women! Recently a rare purplish-red diamond ring has sold for 2.97 million Swiss francs ($2.6 million), setting a world record for a red diamond, Christie’s said. Who bought them? Well, a British jeweler Laurence Graff has got hold of the ring whose octagonal stone weighs 2.26 carats and is the largest red diamond to appear at auction.

The previous record for a red diamond, considered the rarest of colored diamonds, was a 1.92-carat gem that sold for more than $1.6 million in 2001, according to the auction house which held a semi-annual jewelry sale in Geneva on Thursday night.