Renowned rapper Lil Pump has got an $360,000 chain with his diamond encrusted face on it

Lil Pump’s spendthrift personality, as evident from most of his songs, is after all not a farce. Post signing a prestigious $ 8 million deal with Warner Bros, the Gucci Gang rapper is flaunting his earnings rather boisterously, as also confirmed by the unveil of his new jaw-dropping chain that carries his diamond encrusted face on it.

The flashy piece is designed by Icebox Jewelry, a brand well-known for creating custom masterpieces and watches. Pleased by his purchase, Pump was quick to share a post of it of on Instagram, with a caption that read its price as $360,000. However, the rapper later deleted the financials from the picture, which still maintaining the rest of the details on his page. The luxe chain features pink and yellow diamonds that recreate Pump’s signature locks, along with a cluster of several white polished diamonds which further accentuate his face and teeth.

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While there is no confirmation on the number of diamonds used in the chain, it is said the piece hold close to thousands of diamonds, all carefully huddled together to create the final masterpiece. In January this year, Pump also purchased eight diamond pieces from Avianne & Co in New York City and a fleet of luxury Iced-out watches for his team in May. Looks like the signer is on a never-ending roll of sorts!


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