Rogue DZN’s Daisy-Cutter pendant celebrates machismo

Bracelets and jewelry for men these days are no longer fashion accessories but a window to your taste and personality. If you think jewelry is feminine, then you haven’t set your eyes on Rogue DZN’s Armadillo 161 bracelet. And if that wowed you, then the new Rogue DZN Daisy Cutter pendant will blow your mind away. Keeping aside precious gems, the masculine-looking bracelet has been crafted using “cutting edge technology and state of the art industrial design.” Made using Machined Quad-Micro-Turbine assembly technique on a compressed carbon fiber block and military-spec G5 aerospace-grade titanium, the pendant is 73 mm in length, with a 16 mm barrel diameter.
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Reports describe the making of the pendant as ” Using 5-9axis machining and custom-made cutting tools, the four micro turbine blades are gracefully carved from G5 Military Spec aerospace-grade titanium, each one of the 15 turbine fins designed and engineered as lifting bodies to allow for accelerated airflow. As air funnels through the rear-intake, the turbines can accelerate to over 10,000 rpm, emitting the high-frequency scream you’d expect from an operational turbine. All encased within one inch, the assembly provides a direct insight into the inner workings of aviation and microkinetic movement. The DAISYCUTTER is offered with a choice of either custom metal or a leather necklace.”

Sporting a Suicide Number of twenty, the pendant is limited to just 20 units after which production will be discontinued. Exact price of this new necklace is TBA however you can expect the leather version to be available in the range of $25,000 to $30,000. Till then check out the video to know what you are investing in!

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