Seville Set from Louis Vuitton’s L’âme du Voyage collection is mesmerizing

The L’âme du Voyage collection from Louis Vuitton based on theme of travel boasts of some of the most exquisite and unique pieces of jewelry ever. The Seville Set from this collection is one piece that caught my eye. Named after the city in southern Spain; the Seville Set features red/pink colored precious stones and brilliant diamonds set in white and red gold. Designer Lorenz Baümer took inspiration from ruffles and polka dots and the feelings in between and those surrounding the idea of fluidity and grace to create this set. I have fallen in love with the white and red gold necklace which is set with Louis Vuitton diamonds, diamonds, spinels, pink sapphires. Besides the necklace, the Seville Set includes an equally stunning and matching brooch, a pair of earrings and 2 rings. Every piece in this set is made from the same material i.e. white and red gold, Louis Vuitton diamonds, diamonds, spinels, pink sapphires. The unique curvy design with sapphires at the tip is sure to mesmerize one and all.

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The perfect set to win the heart of the woman of your dreams, it is simply fantastic.