Stephen Webster collaborates with Davidoff to fabricate the world’s most expensive Cigarette case

Tobacco smoke is reported to have 4000 substances, out of which 42 have been labeled as carcinogenic. The chemicals in cigarettes cause emphysema, heart attacks, different kinds of cancers, bronchitis, and premature aging. Taking that into consideration, it is our duty to discourage smoking. Nevertheless, there is no harm in appreciating the great work that the celebrated jeweler Stephen Webster has done for Davidoff. Among Webster’s clients are Madonna, Sharon Stone, Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, and several others. He has won the UK’s ‘luxury jeweler of the year’ prize four times and is also responsible for various trends like the revival of colored gemstones and fine jewelers back into the fashion zeitgeist.

Davidoff has apparently chosen the most appropriate designer to have created this special diamond edition which also happens to be the most expensive in the world, costing a whopping $21,500.

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