Swarovski to launch ‘Crystal Forest’ design concept in NYC

The Austria based brand Swarovski, is all set to ‘crystallize’ the city with two new Swarovski stores in Manhattan. The ‘Crystal Forest’ retail design concept will be launched at the two new stores, and they will join five Swarovski brand stores already in the city. The Crystal Forest design was created with the intent of maximizing the play of light on different materials. The bedecked metal prism facades will achieve this, textured walls featuring reflective white prisms that create an illusion of depth, white lacquer, and mirror stainless steel finishes, and a combination of horizontal and vertical showcases featuring LED lighting.

The Crystal Forest stores will offer the same products as that available at other Swarovski stores- a mix of fashion jewelry, timepieces, electronic gadgets, and home décor products studded with the brand’s famous precision-cut crystals, with a slight variation to reflect the personality of the town. The first store will open at 1540 Broadway in Times Square on May 14, followed by a second store opening at Penn Plaza in June.

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