The Caress engagement ring by De Beers celebrates true harmony of love

When you think of the finest diamonds, you’ll most likely conjure up the name of ‘De Beers’. Inspired by the true harmony of love, the latest addition to the De Beers engagement ring family is a reflection of their wondrous artistry with a timeless design.

The Caress ring delicately embraces the 0.7 carat diamond that is affectionately nestled by the sculptural platinum encircling pave. The delicate movement of the instinctively protective gesture is symbolic of a unified desire to cherish one another, bringing enduring happiness and lighting each other’s soul.

This unique design delicately embraces the hero solitaire whilst reflecting the perfect equilibrium of power and grace. The delicate interlocking thread pavé and sleek platinum stems symbolise a promise of eternal love. Handmade by the finest craftsmen, this modern setting with a twist frames the diamond with artful simplicity, enhancing its sparkle and brilliance. The artisan pieces are also available as earrings and pendants.

Drawing on diamond mastery since 1888, De Beers has also pioneered virtual try-on experienceas well as iPad appto provide clients with an objective way to see the beauty of their diamonds.

[Via – PR-Web]

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