The rare Leibish Pink Promise 2.02 carat diamond is up for sale

A name synonymous with natural fancy colored diamonds, Israel-based Leibish & Co. recently added to its already exquisite collection of precious stones a 2.02-carat diamond rarity in purplish pink! Acquired from the KAO mine in South Africa rather than the usual pink diamond origin – the Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Australia all the more increases the level of uniqueness and exclusivity the diamond holds. Pertaining to its exceptionality and the rare fusion of vibrant colors like purple and pink, the online jewel trader further weaves a magical aura around the stone, naming it – “The Leibish Pink Promise.”

Although pink diamonds are considered a rarity and sell/auction at astounding rates like the Martian Pink Diamond, the diamond auctioned at Circa, Toronto or by Christies for that matter, the purplish-pink hue happens to be the rarest. Leibish & Co. plans to go public with this new SI2 GIA graded cushion-cut jewel charm at the upcoming HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewelry Show 2013 and is sure that its “Pink Promise” would attract a herd-load of visitors generating high market demand.

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The Leibish Pink Promise is now available to the public for purchase at Leibish & Co.

[Fancydiamonds Via Diamonds and Israelidiamond]

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