The first wedding rings to travel in space can be yours

50 years ago, Yuri Gagarin became the first man to travel in space. And that was a trendsetting moment etched in history. And to commemorate the special occasion, SpaceWed launched its Space Wedding Rings Initiative to outer space. The bejeweled gold rings were placed inside an SL-5 rocket by SpaceWed Company, which launched the rings in the space to be recovered about “50 miles away from the launch site in the White Sands Missile Range”. Landing on the 20th of May, the capsule contained “50 sets of rings known as SWR-50th Anniversary Collection.”

You get to pick your special rings created by world-renowned jewelry designers, with a laser engraved serial number and space logo on each set. The rings, priced between €12,000 ($16,990) and €16,000 ($22,665), will come to you in a special cosmic designed box, launch document, and proof of authenticity. The first design tagged SWR-001 has been designed by Polish jewelry company Apart. Click here for more details.
Thanks Anna W. Puto

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