The Lady Killer engagement ring shoots your beloved with diamonds

When you have jewelry that serves as reminders of beautiful times of your life, you don’t really put them up in any jewelry box, now would you? For gadget-loving girls, get an elegant yet hi-tech ring, like the Lady Killer Vol.1. The call comes encased in a special packing, which “houses jewelry and is adorned with carefully crafted decoration, and it even has upper and lower compartments.” However, it’s not just another box. Still, a powerful mini robot crafted using the “latest 3D printing technologies” contained within a “robust transparent box with museum polished finish.” Designed by Atelier Ted Noten, the ring is cast in 22-carat yellow gold and sports a 0.50-carat brilliant-cut clear diamond along with a 0.03 carat 2mm black diamond.

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The mechanical box is made with materials like Acrylic, Nylon, brushed stainless steel, along with motors and custom electronics for the robot finger that pops out at the push of a button. Limited to 18 units, the set inspired by an earlier installation created around a robot and a ring titled “Unstaged” by Noten. Priced at £37,000 ($59,510) it amounts up to $66,000 with VAT.
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