The World’s First Diamond Ring by Shawish is made from a single 150ct diamond

There are rings of all shapes and sizes, cuts and stones, and set into metals and colored stones of a varied nature. But have to ever seen a ring cut from a single stone? A diamond that makes it to the crown of a ring actually goes all around to form the ring itself, and Shawish has managed to achieve the feat. The impressively most expensive diamond ring ever has be crafted form “entirely from one, single faceted diamond, weighing 150-carats”.
The making of the world’s first diamond ring touted to fetch £43 million ($70.46 million), is said to be unveiled using a detailed animation at the exclusive event at Il Bottaccio in London. But creating the ring wasn’t as easy as it seems. Mohamed Shawesh, President and CEO of Shawish Jewelry, explains, “It took one year to get the copyright, and we had to do multiple tests with the design, to get the precision of the circle right.

Diamonds are made of carbon and molecules that can change; even the color can be altered when cutting it. We had to buy special laser equipment to cut directly into the diamond. The most important aspect is preserving the integrity of the diamond, and of course, the most difficult phase is precision cutting an entire stone into a ring.” For more details, click here.

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