Theo Fennel’s whimsical jewelry is an outlet to the magical world

Jewelry Designer Theo Fennel has always had panache for crafting grand detail on a miniature scale. The miniature world full of stories to tell is back with the Masterpiece exhibition in London. The collection named ‘Masterworks’ features playful, detailed and surprising miniature sculptures that are more than just rings. The most celebrated piece in the collection is the ‘Wardrobe’ ring that embodies the world of Narnia, inviting one to open the suitcase and escape to the enameled landscapes of the snowy lamp post scene of winter in the series.

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The mysterious Wardrobe Ring is priced at $46,750..
The Theo Fennel Beehive ring in white, yellow an rose gold ring priced at $23,450.
The Theo Fennel Under the Sea ring that beautifully mimics the sea retails for $33,260.
Theo Fennel has also created a stunning cufflink collection that features some beautiful pieces. The Theo Fennel Essex Crystal Moon Cufflinks in white gold with hand-painted enamel is priced at $15,520.
The Theo Fennel Matterhorn Ski Goggle cufflinks in white gold with hand-painted enamel priced at $13,100.
The Theo Fennel Rearview Mirror gold cufflinks with a wonderfully realized Ferrari also priced for $13,100.

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