These are the 5 Engagement ring trends for 2020

Engagement rings hold a special place in our society. Their use as a symbol of devotion dates back to ancient Rome (and possibly earlier, depending on which historian you ask). Since then, there has been an uncountable number of styles and designs that have come and gone from favor. The precious metals used have changed. The gemstones featured have, as well. It wasn’t until the late 1940s that diamonds found their place as the quintessential feature of a modern engagement ring.

Here in 2020, the evolution of the engagement ring is continuing. In fact, some important trends are taking shape that hold the promise of making this year’s slate of in-demand engagement rings one of the most diverse in recent memory. To elaborate, here are the five biggest engagement ring trends that are taking over the market in 2020.

Unusual Diamond Cuts:
For quite a while, a small handful of traditional diamond cuts dominated the market for engagement rings. Settings that included round brilliant cut or princess cut diamonds were perennial favorites. Now, though, there’s a growing trend toward some more unique and unusual diamond cuts in today’s most popular engagement rings. The shield cut is especially in demand these days, but the most popular new style by far involves the visually-striking trillion cut, which has graduated from being a side-stone showstopper to the main focal point in some of today’s most stunning engagement rings.

Alternative Gemstones:
In a sign that diamonds might not be forever after all, alternative gemstones are making a big comeback in engagement ring designs in 2020. Well-known favorites like rubies and sapphires still dominate the scene, but they’re getting some new and unique competition. It’s coming in the form of massively popular designs using lavender spinel and other brightly-colored stones, which tend to jump out off of the wearer’s hand when seen in photos or in person. Together, such offerings are creating a viable alternative to the traditional diamond-dominated setting.

The Swirl is a New Twist:
The precious stones aren’t the only things changing this year. The ring designs themselves are also getting some fresh and updated looks that prove that unique is in. One trend that keeps popping up again and again this year is the swirl design. It offers an attractive twist on the well-known halo design that has been so popular in recent years. Instead of yielding attention to a large center stone, though, these rings create an appealing visual path from an outer ring of inset stones to the centerpiece, establishing a unique flow not found in earlier designs.

Embracing Flaws:
In what can only be a reflection of a more modern take on marriage, there’s also a big trend of engagement ring shoppers flocking to rings that make use of occluded diamonds. These ‘flawed’ stones used to be treated as the pariahs of the diamond industry but are now turning up in engagement rings in large numbers all over the world. The stones, which have been dubbed salt and pepper diamonds, offer a sleek two-tone alternative to the other colored stones on the market. They’re also popular because each one features a unique pattern that’s unlikely to repeat, making them the perfect metaphor for a marriage.

Everything Old is New Again:
In keeping with the idea that all fashion trends are cyclical in nature, antique and vintage engagement rings are starting to take off this year. Part of the trend is an outgrowth of the current environmental trends which favor reuse and recycling over new fabrication. But really, it comes down to the fact that antique rings often offer a unique flair that can’t be found in today’s cookie-cutter designs. In an era that treasures authenticity and individualism, reaching back to some one-of-a-kind designs offers the perfect way to express yourself.
Ready to Say I Do

So, there you have it. These five trends are animating the engagement ring market in 2020 and show no signs of going away soon. So, don’t be surprised if you see someone popping the question with a ring that features one or more of the concepts mentioned here in the near future. And, if you’re the one doing the shopping, make sure you take a copy of this article with you so you know what’s hot and what’s not.

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