Tiffany and Swatch partner for the best

Another two famed brands join hands to come out stronger in their existing industry. Tiffany has signed a 20-year deal with Swatch that will permit them to manufacture and distribute all their watches. For Swatch it just adding another feather to their hat as they already own 18 watch brands including the Breguet, Blancpain, and Omega. However, on Tiffany’s side, certain watch lines will be discontinued in spite of the fact that they produce a small line of classic watches under their own brand.

Swatch will incorporate a new watch-making company in Switzerland that will operate under the TIffany name and use Tiffany trademarks. Tiffany & Co-Chairman and CEO Michael J. Kowalski said: “This alliance will place Tiffany & Co within the distinguished collection of luxury watch brands manufactured and distributed by the Swatch Group. Swatch Group is the best conceivable strategic partner for Tiffany’s long-planned re-entry into watch distribution. It is the leader in the high-end watch business with unparalleled distribution capabilities and experience in the luxury segment of the watch business.” I’ll keep my eyes open for some elegant timepieces for eager fashionistas.