Tips for Buying Jewelry for a Woman

If you want to treat a special woman in your life, you should try buying her jewelry. If you do not even know where to start with this, here are some tips that will come in handy:

Buy What She Loves
If you want to buy something that your lady will love, you should opt for something that she loves, instead of buying something that you would like to see her wearing. You should know her well enough to buy something that she will appreciate – if you do not know her well, you should ask for help from someone who does. The most common mistake that men make when buying jewelry is that they focus on their likes.

You should not let the sales accountant sway you into making a purchase just because a piece of jewelry is expensive and it will allow you to mark your woman. Jewelry should make a woman feel sensual and alive instead of stiff.

Buy Something Sentimental
You should go for something that has meaning or some kind of history. For instance, if you met your wife during a tennis game, you should consider buying a diamond tennis bracelet to signify that day. Men usually make the mistake of buying gifts based on adverts instead of buying something that will hold a special meaning to the wearer.

If you cannot find such a meaningful piece off the rack, you should consider hiring a jeweler to make a piece with some sentimental personal detail. If you think that working with an individual jeweler is costlier, you are not entirely right – you can negotiate a good deal to save money.

Ask Her Best Friend
If you want to surprise your woman, you should ask her best friend for advice before buying her a piece of jewelry. A woman’s best friend will know more about her personal tastes because they spend time and shop together. If you are only partially sure of your decision, you should consider asking for another person’s input to avoid making a bad decision.

Look at Her Jewelry Box
You need to peek inside her jewelry box to avoid choosing the wrong piece of jewelry. What does her jewelry box say about her tastes? Does she like diamonds, white gold, or platinum jewelry? Is she a delicate woman or a strong one? Most women take pride in their unique personal tastes because they define them.

You should also consider her body type: if her neck is long, long earrings will look better on her. If she has a small head, you should opt for a piece that is more delicate. Make sure that you get something that will flatter her instead of adding to her insecurities.

Listen to Her
Women are not very subtle when talking about their likes and dislikes. If you pay attention to her, she will most likely drop a hint about what she likes or hates. However, this tactic will not work overnight. If you need to buy the gift sooner, you should just ask her but in an indirect manner to avoid ruining the surprise.

Watch Her Shop
If you have been together for a long time, you probably know her shopping habits and can tell what she likes. When you go to the jewelry store with her, you will see her eyes lingering on a piece that she would like to have but cannot afford. You can even take her window-shopping to the nearest mall then ask her what she would like to have without giving your intentions away.

Finding the right jewelry is not hard, especially if you are attentive.

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