Wear J’ART and OPEN!Design&Concept jewelery to flaunt hidden diamonds

Many people refrain from wearing diamonds as they hate the attention that these sparkly stones garner. Keeping in mind this class of people, J’ART and OPEN!Design&Concept have come up with the most unique line of jewelry that incorporates the sparkling diamonds without displaying them. Confused? Let me explain. The two companies have come up with an exception design for a ring that has diamonds studded on the inner side and a sign on face that says: Diamonds inside. The only way you can look at the diamonds is through small holes from face or glass on the inner side. And any movement of your fingers will make the diamonds move and rustle keeping you constantly aware of their presence.

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So good and unique is their design that it actually won them the RedDot Design Award. The unique line also includes earrings that have diamonds shining from their inner side.
Expensive, stylish and simply awesome, I just wish I had the money to splurge on this line.