What does Pink Diamond Jewelry Collection and Breast Cancer Awareness Month have in common?

We are halfway through October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and everything around is being pinked to grab attention. We have already seen Burj Al Arab lit up pink and offering a pink gold ipad for the same. Today we would like to take an opportunity and spread the word about two things that cannot miss any woman’s attention – A collection of pink diamond jewelry from Argyle Diamonds and an effort to show our support and spread the word about breast cancer awareness. However, this high-end exhibition of dazzling pink diamonds has no official link to Breast Cancer Awareness, and it is just our attempt to bring the two together. Argyle Diamonds put up a $65 million pink diamond jewelry collection at Kensington Palace to mark the Queen’s Diamond jubilee. The one-day event marks the annual Argyle pink diamond tender, which is held in London every year. Of the 42 jewels that stole the show, Luxurylaunches picks out five impressive pieces.

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Linney’s 20-carat pink diamond tiara is worth $2 million is encrusted with 178 rare Argyle pink diamonds, making it one of the most important pink diamond creations that ever existed.
The Chow Tai Fook Argyle Empress necklace with pink diamonds and large jade beads make a rare piece of jewelry.
The $8 million LJ West Majestic pink diamond bracelet is one of the most extravagant jewels in the show.
Designed by Japanese jeweler Kashikey, the Wisteria shoulder brooch with Argyle pink diamonds, white diamonds, and tsavorites drapes over the shoulder.
The Graff pink and white diamond flower brooch features 177 pink diamonds.
The Jewellery Editor reports that ‘The most impressive diamonds are given names and this year the “Argyle Siren” and “Argyle Sheen” were the stars of the show, and like all pink diamonds referred to as ‘she.’

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