When inspires more than just bread addicts, check out Chanel’s new fine jewelry collection

People who usually look to golden fields of wheat for inspiration are impressionist artists and prolific bakers. But Chanel breaks the mold with a new collection of fine jewelry that draws from the delicate lines of wheat sheaves. Les Blés de Chanel celebrates the sun-kissed harvest grains through 62 pieces of stunning jewelry ranging from rings to earrings and neckpieces.

Chanel wheat jewelry (1)
Coco Chanel herself spent her childhood at Auvergne, a region in central France known for its wheat fields. In true Chanel fashion, the collection has a strong tie to the brand’s history and its founder.
Chanel wheat jewelry (1)
Glittering diamonds are everywhere in the collection.
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However, their beauty is accentuated with other stones, including pearls and tourmalines.
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Wheat itself may be uniformly golden beige, but this collection is full of splashes of color.
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The “Fete des Moissons” or “Harvest Festival” necklace is created from 18-karat white and yellow gold and boasts around 120 carats of yellow and white diamonds. At its core is a magnificent 25-carat brilliant-cut fancy intense yellow diamond.
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The collection recently debuted at Paris Couture Week; we’ll keep you updated on where and when you can snag one of these pieces for yourself.

[ Via : Telegraph ]

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