World’s first ATM machine will dispense gold coins, bars and diamond jewelery

After making waves in USA and Gulf countries, it time to get gold dispensing machine to India as well. And this time, the move is spearheaded by the Gitanjali Group. The Indian jewelry brand launched a Gold and Diamond ATM, the first of its kind in India and the world, that lets people buy medallions, coins, jewelry at their convenience. Inaugurated in Mumbai, the ATM gives buyers as many as 36 different sizes, price points, and design options to pick from gold and silver bars coins, pendants with religious motifs, and diamond-studded jewelry too.

The jewelry available will be priced across Rs 1,000 ($20) to Rs 30,000 ($600). The innitative will be a part of Gitanjali’s ‘Go for Gold’ umbrella branding that aims and making gold purchases easy and desirable.
[GitanjaliGroup] Via – [Times Of India]