World’s largest diamond on its way?

The Cullinan diamond and the Kohinoor might just have a new competitor, and a real big one at that. According to sources, a small South African mining company has claimed to have discovered the world’s biggest-ever diamond, though its worth is still not proved. What is surprising is that World diamond giant De- Beers claims that the north-west province was not known for producing gems and greenish stones were even rarer. This stone could very well qualify as the stone of the century with a weight of an astonishing 7000 Carats. In a photograph emailed to the BBC, the ‘stone’ appears to be about the size of a coconut, and has a greenish tinge; this might prove the point De-beer’s is trying to take that chance of gems or green stones is rare. On second thoughts if this region doesn’t produce stones of that ilk, then the fact that such a beautiful stone is found there is definitely gonna double up its worth.

According to Brett Jolly, a shareholder at the mine, the stone has been taken to a bank vault in Johannesburg. I am quite eager to know if it’s bonafide and if it is I am saving money for my trip to Johannesburg.