You’ll certainly be crushing on this candy inspired jewelry from Bulgari!

Bulgari is giving your favorite sweet treats a luxe twist. The brand’s new Roman Sorbet collection celebrates your childhood staples –ice creams, candies and lollies- through a colorful line of jewelry. This line gives a fresh new meaning to the concept of the sweet life. The collection uses white and yellow gold to show off a dizzying array of colored stones including sapphires, tsavorite garnets and amethysts in a lighthearted line that’s perfect for spring and summer.

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Supposedly Emperor Nero had his slaves visit high mountains and rush back to bring him fresh ice which he enjoyed which he liked to enjoy to fruit juice. Could this be an early form of the now world-famous sorbet? Possible. Nero would perhaps have enjoyed the use of a deep freezer, or some liquid nitrogen.
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Regardless of their historical origins, these dazzling sweets will make a welcome addition to any summer wardrobe. We love everything from the brooches to the rings and necklaces, each one a riot of color that brings the colors of spring right to your fingertips.

[ Via : Luxexpose ]

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