13 Spellbinding Flower Arrangement Trends of 2020

The increased urbanization has separated us from nature, and we are so engrossed in our lives that our whole lifestyle is packed up in a concrete, well-furnished apartment, and our offices. 

We prepare foods or snacks with all our hearts, clean our place to make it presentable as well as decorate it for special festivities. 

Flowers are the preferable option for the arrangement of every event as you can have a great variety of colors in flowers to go with the trends in floral arrangements and grant a natural look to your party. 

Companies provide us with floral decor services and instruct us about the recent trends but if you prefer to do it yourself here is a guide about what is trending and beautiful to make your parties more appealing. 

So the trendy choices of flowers are given below for your comfort.

If you consult an online florist, one of the recommendations that you will get is to use the same hue in different species of flowers. 

If you are arranging a theme party, different colors of flowers may look off with your theme so select one color in different species of flowers for vibrant textures and colors.

British flowers
British flowers never go out of trend as they bloom throughout the season. There is a huge variety of hues and kinds of flowers to decorate your home or events according to the color scheme that you want to follow. 

A perfect mix of British flowers can make the environment vibrant. 

Soft neutrals
From vibrant to the warm and soft hues are in fashion. Warmer shades are in trend everywhere, even in the flowers. 

Go for various soft and pastel tones of flowers as they enhance the naturalistic and fresh look of your event and keep the mood cool and delighted.

Dried flowers
Dried flowers are thrown away as waste but the texture and pigment of them is a perfect way to add to the aesthetics of an event or party. 

A palate of dried flowers on the dinner table or a wall decor of such flowers is a big yes nowadays. A touch of wild grass with pastel-colored dried flowers is a go in the latest flower arrangement trends.

Jewel tone flowers
Natural flowers in bright colors add vibrancy to the arrangement. On weekends or any other special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, weddings, or birthdays, we get together with our friends and family. We have a little party with our guests.  We try to arrange everything in the best way possible. Ruby, emeralds, purples, maroon shades, burgundy can grant an amazing energetic atmosphere around you.

Hybrid flowers
Mix and match different tones and kinds of flowers and grass to create a wild and enthusiastic look in your event where lush greens and a blend of different hues of flowers can do the magic in your party and make it more appealing for the visitors.

When the choice of flowers is done according to your theme or preference, the main thing that has to be decided is the sort of arrangement that you want to do. It depends on the type of occasion that is happening and what kind of decoration it requires. Here are some designs for how flowers could be arranged 

Asymmetrical hanging installations:
Clustering the tables and aisle with flowers makes everything crowded and people are now switching to minimalists designs because the less, the better. Minimal decor provides a decent look at the event so don’t go for excessive decor and keep it simple. Clients prefer natural hanging installations from the ceilings in corners of rooms. A chunk of flowers in one corner and a bit there can make you say wow.

Flowers on the ground:
Putting flowers on the tables has been popular among the people, but the trends are changing, and uniqueness is overtaking every phase of life. Flowers on the ground are a recent trend. When arranging indoors, flowers on the floor give a luxurious and outdoor feel like you are walking in the garden. You can frame the ground of the main table with luxurious flowers of your choice with a little decor on the walls and table, but the main focus remains on the ground. 

Floral palette
We use technology as our mode of entertainment, but love for nature and companionship still resides in our instincts. Floral palettes are a decent way of arranging flowers, and they are easy to install anywhere. All you need is to arrange different flowers and set them in a palette and place them in places you would like. 

A monochromatic palette is trendy with pastel shades, and the addition of grass or feathers increases the aesthetic of the event. You can also add vibrant colors in your palettes and place them on the table, along the aisle, in corners, or anywhere you like.

Flowers with architecture
If you are inviting guests to your home for a party, make your house more pleasing. Your architecture and interior of your house is a good complement to the decoration. Use as much of your house as you can to enhance beauty. Your staircase, fireplace, and your doors are a nice place to arrange flowers.

Focus on the center
You can make your event more appealing by focusing on the center. Place a tree, a huge flower palette, of a massive chunk of flowers.

A flower wall or arch
A whole wall covered with mesmerizing flowers can make your event turn elegant. It can be a nice background for people to take pictures. Or an arch from where people could pass through adds to the honor plus it can also be used as a frame to take pictures.

Hanging installations
When decorating a venue, whether indoor or outdoor, the roof is often left behind. It looks boring but this trend of hanging installations can cover the roof. Your guests can enjoy their dinner or walk under the roof of flowers which will make your statement about your hosting.

Flowers look beautiful and appealing to the guests, and please our eyes. But the trends in flower arrangements keep on transforming, and when hosting an event, you must be aware of the recent trends in flowers.

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