2014’s Mini Cooper 3 door and 5 door arrive to India

Mini’s three and five door 2014 are the newest cars on the block. For the first time ever, a 5 door model has been introduced in the premium small car segment and we’re excited to see the response.

Mehboob studio was host to the one-of-a-kind event earlier this week where the new Mini 3 door and 5 door models were unveiled. Spotted at the exclusive event were the likes of Alicia Raut, Candice Pinto, Sucheta Sharma and Amruta Patki with the famed band Whirling Kalapas playing for the invitees.

With its superior character, sporty elements and exceptional style, the new Mini 3-door and new Mini 5-door are sure to take the market by storm. Since the 21st century is all about style and high-end technology, the Mini too has adopted the new found spirit. Perfectly embodying individual flair, superior quality and cutting edge technology, the new Mini is an evolution in the segment of small cars.

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BMW’s latest suave collection – new Mini Cooper D 3-door and the new Mini Cooper D 5-door – are available at Mini dealerships across India with the new Mini Copper S 3-door arriving early 2015.

The new Mini 3-door and 5-door
The new Mini 3-door is dressed to impressed. Specifically customised for Mini’s latest collection, the front grille boasts big air intakes and black honeycomb-patterned grid gives the model an entirely new feel. The recently launched luxury automobile entails newly designed headlights, rear lights with full-LED headlights and side mirrors with new graphics, giving the new Mini its more mature look.

The new Mini 5-door is the second body variant of the new Mini and reflects the car’s historical roots as well as the evolutionary refinement of the contemporary vehicle concept. Having 5-doors makes the automobile more exciting on the road.

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Just when you thought the Mini could not get any better, scoring high on functionality and aesthetics alike, the interior of the new Mini is every driver’s dream. Our favourite was the revamped dashboard. All driving related displays such as the speedometer and rev counter are placed behind the steering wheel, directly in your field of vision.

For all you techno-savvy readers, the new Mini is all about the new age technology. Boasting a 6.5 inch display or a large 8.8 inch widescreen, the new Mini is well equipped for the new generation.
Connect your Smartphone to the car and relish an endless stream of digital information and entertainment.

Prepare to shell out Rs.31,85,000 for the new Mini Cooper D 3-door and Rs.35,20,000 for the new
Mini Cooper D 5-door. You need not stick to the conventional set of colours with Mini’s eleven colour palette.

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