We drove the 2020 Mini Cooper S Convertible and its the most stylish and fun to drive city car

When one says ‘convertible,’ you begin imagining a drop-top sedan, more probably a two-door sporty machine. Mini Cooper brings to the table with the S Convertible an experience and a visual that’s entirely different. In tune with the reputation of being a cute-yet-fun car to drive around, the convertible adds that extra bit of panache to the ensemble. This car is perfect for congested city roads with its easy-to-control steering, space optimization for easier parking, and of course, a drop-top that will put your weatherman’s predictions to the test.

Everything about the Mini Cooper reflects the company’s approach to creating an excellent driving experience. We’ll start with the convertible’s one-unique feature, the drop-top roof. It drops in two stages, creating unique experiences at each stage. The first stage creates an opening on the roof that simulates a sun-roof so that you can let just the right amount of air into the cabin while enjoying the night sky. The second stage takes it all the way. What’s impressive is that both stages are completed within 18 seconds and in complete silence. You can open and close the fabric roof up to speeds of 30 kmph.

The interior of the Mini Cooper is as impressive as the peppy coolness of the exterior. In the latter case, you get a fresh new look with twin exhaust pipes at the rear and LED headlamps that are paired with fog lamps. The headlamps come with dynamic cornering. Once you step into the cabin, you’re greeted by the Union Jack motif on the cockpit with a fair share of tech in tow. The dials are made of chrome, and a head-up display ensures that you’re in the know of all things vital without taking your eyes off the road. But what really steals the show is the circular infotainment screen in the center of the dash. Mini offers a smartphone-connected app to keep you in control of your entertainment, navigation, and calling needs. In fact, it allows you to remotely control a few functions so that you can turn on the air conditioning moments before you step into the car – a respite for city-dwellers.

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Looks and drop-top aside, the other most essential feature of the Mini Cooper S Convertible is the driving pleasure it offers. It is easy to navigate and does extremely well, even in the bustle of city traffic. Powered by a 2-liter, 4-cylinder engine, the turbocharged setup produces 189 horsepower with 280Nm of torque. The car isn’t big on performance, but if you really wanted neck-break speed and acceleration, you wouldn’t even consider a Mini, would you? Yet, it goes from 0 to 100 kmph in a modest 6.2 seconds. Its aggressive personality and fantastic steering make you feel like you’re go-karting. Another factor that contributes to this experience is how low and close to the ground the car is. You also get some cool driving modes to play around with. Besides the default mode, you also get a ‘Green Mode’ that strives to make your drive more economical and a ‘Sport Mode,’ which dynamically makes the convertible feistier.

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If you have the ambition to own a convertible but do not have the budget for an Italian stallion, this little city-dweller is a good consolation. In fact, its size and agility make it an ideal car for everyday errands and work commutes. It’s perfectly sized for a family with kids. Its size and adaptability can spell the end of your parking woes too. And then, there’s the whole idea of owning and driving a Mini Cooper – an unbridled joy that every step on the accelerator stirs.

Shot with the One Plus 8 Pro.

Engine1998 cc, Turbocharged petrol
Power192 bhp
Torque280 Nm
Transmission7-speed, Dual clutch Automatic
0-100kmph7.1 seconds
Top speed191 km/h
City fuel efficiency8.5 kmpl
Highway fuel efficiency11 kmpl
AirbagsFront and co-passenger
SafetyABS, ESP, Traction control,
Price (ex-showroom)Rs 40.10 lacs
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