5 things you can do instead of buying a iPhone 6S worth Rs. 62,000

It’s that time of the year again, when everyone is going crazy behinds he upcoming iPhone. While the new 6S model has launched in the states, it is expected to launch in India, this month with a price tag starting from Rs. 62,000. If you are still contemplating to pre book one, here is a list of somethings you can do instead of buying the iPhone 6S, which might help in your decision making.

Chanel Cosmetics
1. Revamp your makeup collection with Chanel Cosmetics
Instead in investing a chunk in the new phone, you can actually throw out all your old cosmetics and replace it with Chanel ones. Sounds like a dream? Not really! In price of one iPhone you can actually buy Chanel’s popular Base makeup, lipstick, eye products and even throw in the popular Chanel No. 5, and still have some cash to spurge!

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trip to Dubai
2. Book Return tickets for your family for a trip to Dubai.
You can invest in a holiday and make your entire family happy, instead of putting it all in an iPhone. With this budget one can book 4 return tickets to Dubai, and spend a splendid week in the lap of luxury.

Burberry Clutch
3. A Burberry Clutch
If you’ve always dreamed of owning a Burberry, this is your chance. If not an iPhone, you can actually embrace the beautiful Burberry checks in form of a Clutch or a wristlet. And, men don’t have to worry, they can also own a suave Burberry Jacket instead of a phone! Sounds like a good barter, right?

luxurious meals
4. A couple of luxurious meals around the town!
Won’t it be great if you could visit all the fancy restaurants in the city, without worrying about the budgets! Well, you can splurge the iPhone worthy money in enjoying at least eight luxurious dates at Mumbai’s finest restaurants. Yes! You can picture yourself at the Zodiac Grill or the Hakkasan in your favourite dress sipping some of the finest wine!

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branded watch
5. A branded watch
Care for a Frederique Constant? You can actually pick one up instead of an iPhone 6S! And not just a simple, in a similar budget one can also opt for a Tissot, Balmain and even a Gucci watch! Thinking about the Apple Watch? Do you know that one can actually buy a Patek Philippe Calatrava instead of one of the high end version?

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