812 Superfast: The Most Powerful Ferrari arrives in India

The Italian supercar manufacturer’s most powerful car, the Ferrari 812 Superfast has entered India at Rs. 5.2 Cr. According to a notification by Ferrari, the 812 Superfast will be replacing the former F12 Berlinetta. The car performance a tad bit better than its predecessor, with a V12 naturally aspirated mid-front mounted engine which puts out a whopping power of 789 bhp and 718 Nm of peak power.

The engine mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch F1 transmission with an E-differential sends power to the rear wheel. The company claims to have the gearbox efficiently tuned for 30% and 40% faster up- and down-shifts respectively, as compared to the gearbox on the F12 Berlinetta.
Getting smarter than its forerunner, the new car is mechanically advanced with the Ferrari Peak Performance (FPP) and Ferrari Power Oversteer (FPO) system, and the Electronic Power Steering (EPS) featuring the Slide Slip Control which helps the driver control the sideways drift that they want to go through in the corners with the electronic assistance.

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Not only in performance but Ferrari has gone a mile further to add every detail to the looks and upholstery that the 812 Superfast boasts. From the sharp headlamps to the quad exhausts on the back, and to the fine lines running throughout the chassis, the red-hot 812 Superfast is a head-turner for its vicious looks. The carbon fibre & leather mix upholstery around the cabin looks appealing and will come with customisation options.
Priced at Rs. 5.2 Cr. the new Ferrari 812 Superfast is packed with all the goods, inside out!

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