A companion for comfort: Puma Velocity Nitro is for every runner

With an entire year of the pandemic behind us, it’s time we begin focusing our energy and towards building the best version of ourselves. In many parts of the country, gyms and running tracks still remain shut or are uncomfortably crowded, which is why running on the street in the wee hours seems to be the best option. Unfortunately, our roads aren’t hospitable proving grounds for our feet. This is why it is essential to tread around in footwear that takes most of the beating.

The Velocity Nitro range by PUMA presents the exciting prospect of footwear that not only looks good but is also extremely comfortable to wear. Firstly, they are quite light, a feature you seek if you’re exercising after really long or even if you’re looking to beat the next land-speed record. In addition to this, you also get the benefit of PUMA’s NITRO FOAM midsole that offers superior responsiveness, almost like a propeller for each step you take, encouraging you to go the distance and achieve your workout goals. This foam also provides incredible cushioning so that your feet suffer minimum impact during your runs, be it in the harsh outdoors or on the track. The development of this technology is the result of PUMA’s interaction with athletes who clearly singled out the presence of a good midsole as the defining factor for a running shoe.

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The Velocity Nitro, as the name suggests, is built to promote speed. The PUMAGRIP technology at the base of the shoe ensures that you can break into a sprint with confidence and control. It is made of a durable rubber compound that offers all-surface traction. It is a low boot, which gives your ankles the freedom to respond to your gait.

The upper mesh is engineered to perfection, while the lace closures ensure a snug fit. PUMA has employed the TPU piece that ensures proper stability and posture. Throughout the body of the shoe, several reflective elements find their place, to guide motorists and fellow runners about your presence on the road, especially during pre-dawn runs. The recognizable PUMA cat logo can be found around the toe area, while the Formstrip takes over the lateral side.

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The Velocity Nitro comes in three attractive colors – Lava Blast-Black-Silver, Puma Black-Lava Blast, and CASTLEROCK-Yellow-Back – and is available in sizes ranging from 5 to 13 (UK). All three color options look fantastic and can be easily spotted during nocturnal runs, thereby doubling up as a safety reflector.

The PUMA Velocity Nitro shoes as a full package for fans of durable, utility running shoes. A package comprised of the breathable engineered mesh, the NITRO cushioning, the PROFOAM LITE sole, and the PUMAGRIP at the base. The comfort and responsiveness are especially useful for those who aren’t regular runners and aren’t used to extreme conditions. It’s the kind of running shoe you can purchase without having to run from pillar to post for opinions on which one’s best. There’s little wonder why reviewers are blatantly declaring it is the best running shoes to hit the market yet. The PUMA Velocity Nitro retails for Rs 10,999 on the PUMA India website.

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The luxe factor is:

7.5 Looks
8 Comfort
8.5 Value for money
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