A gold wrapped Jaguar XF hits Pune roads!

Owing a Jaguar XF, is the ultimate luxury in itself. However, a Pune based businessman, is not getting enough of his speed machine, so he decided to add some bling factor to it. Real estate businessman Sachin Khese, transformed his black Jaguar XF into a shiny gold avatar, because it’s astrologically appropriate.

Swifting through narrow Pune roads, this gold beauty is a result of an astrologer’s advice, who claims that the flashy finish might ward of bad luck. The owner, who paid Rs 63 lakh for the car, got the gold treatment done on an astrologer’s advice against the colour black. The ma who lives to shine, wanted to sell off his black Jaguar after the astrologer advised him against the black color of he car. During a visit to a car accessories shop,he intended to sell the car. However, the designer convinced him to wrap it in another color. He initially wanted a steel finish wrap, however the designer convinced him to gold wrap it.

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A common practice in the Middle East, the gold or silver wrapped cars, are not yet this prominent in the country. Well, if you wish to turn heads around with your very own bling machine, all you need to spend Rs 2 lakh, to give your car a gold or a silver finish.

[Via – Indian Express]

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