A palatial stay at the historical Gogunda Palace in Udaipur

Unlike palatial spaces that were popularly known to house royalty, Gogunda Palace in Udaipur was built as part of a war strategy. The historical town of Gogunda plays a key role in Mewar’s rich history as it was here that Maharana Pratap was crowned in 1572.

Setting foot into the glorious ochre palace, you will notice that the original details have been carefully restored. The edifice is nestled among pink bougainvilleas painting a brilliant picture for the eyes.

The Gogunda Palace is one of the few that boasts of each room being unique. You can choose from their range of Palace Rooms, which can accommodate 2 adults or the Heritage Suites which offer a touch of old Rajasthani charm with high ceilings, graceful décor, four-poster beds and patterned marble bathrooms.

The rooms are resplendent with intricate wall paintings

Gogunda and Rajasthani culture blend together to bring you gorgeous hand-painted walls, old murals and palatial bathrooms in the Gogunda Suites range. The Raaj Mahal Suites, on the other hand, are unmatched in their opulence. Rich marble, wood and stone accents adorn the space and the walls are resplendent with murals. Mirror work featuring traditional Jarokhas that house small niches are seen all over the place. These suites house separate living and sleeping rooms so one can enjoy their privacy that they need. It also allows you space to work on whatever need be without leaving the comfort of your room and disturbing your partner.

The Raaj Tilak Suite – Maharana Pratap Coronation Suite is the celebrated venue that witnessed the magnificent coronation of Kunwar Pratap Singh where he has bestowed the title of Maharana Pratap. The lowered entryway of this suite was designed such that one should be in a position to have his head raised in front of the Maharana.

Strolling through the Palace you can have a look at the various suites, each different from the next, but all of them showcasing an opulence of its own. You’ll be impressed at how beautifully the murals and fine detailing has been restored to perfection several centuries later. Given that the fortress was erected in the 16th century, electricity and plumbing didn’t feature at all in the original design and this made us marvel at the research and work put into working these essentials into the fortress without disturbing its aged splendor.

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Soak in a luxurious terrace bath

The terrace bathtubs are a delightful feature; you can picture yourself lazing back, wine glass in hand, gazing at the stars in the deep blue of the sky. The suites also retain miniature paintings that were found in the site itself, and living among them gives you a real feeling of life in those times. There are 40 grand suites to choose from and every visit to this Palace can guarantee you a novel experience when you check into a different room.

You will find Mewar royalty’s favourite meats and vegetarian dishes on the menu at Gogunda Palace. This will take you back to meals cooked on slow charcoal fires and traditional recipes that have been passed down from generations.

The Heritage Quarter offers flavourful Rajput royal cuisine which consisted mainly of the game being prepared on slow fires. Dig into a tasteful vegetarian and non-vegetarian spread at this multi-cuisine restaurant. The breakfast buffet served here also features scrumptious offerings to gorge on. We suggest having a go at the traditional cuisine prepared here for the complete Rajasthani experience. Pick a seat on the lawn at dinner time and you’ll be treated to a brilliant Rajasthani folk dance, which includes a breathtaking fire balancing act.

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Seat yourself at the Bougainvillea Bar and sip on a drink of your choice

Savour a refreshing drink at Bougainvillea Bar which overlooks the swimming pool at the Palace. This is one of the most beautiful bars you’ll sit at, with gorgeous art lining the walls that make the place come alive and add a touch of royal charm to your drinking experience.

View a breathtaking sunset from the Aravelli Terrace

Make your way up to The Aravalli Terrace where you can sit back and take in the mighty mountain ranges spread before your eyes. The sunset is a sight to behold as you sip on a drink and allow the silence and stillness to engulf you.

Take a refreshing dip in the pool which has a wall of brilliant bougainvillea for its backdrop

For recreation, apart from the swimming pool in the property and a spa which will be launched shortly, you can cycle to a nearby lake, visit a village and have a glimpse at the life of the villagers; you can set out on a jeep safari to nearby locales and even immerse yourself in a pottery experience. You can also make a trip to the Haldighati mountain pass or the famous Jain Ranakpur Temple. Visit the Kumbalgarh Fort situated on the Aravalli Hills or the famous Nathdwara Shreenathji Temple, which is a pilgrimage center.

We love the privacy one can enjoy in the Palace. The peace and silence it offers is a refreshing break from the bustling city life. You can enjoy some family time or a romantic royal getaway with your loved one here. Or even write or paint or go about doing your work which requires you to be cut off from the world. An all-round palatial experience steeped in history awaits you at the Gogunda Palace Udaipur.

Where: Gogunda Palace
Rajputon Ka Mohalla, Gogunda 313705, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Tariff: INR 8000 – 20000 per Room per Night + Taxes.
Telephone: 2956 282072, 282073, 282074
Website: www.amritara.co.in/gogunda-palace-udaipur

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