Absolut launches a limited edition Mango & Pepper Vodka just for India

This Sweden based company is no stranger to anyone, and recently they have decided to make itself a larger part of the Indian consciousness with their Absolut Limited Edition India Vodka. Through the last year, Absolut India invited artists from all over the country to submit designs that they believed represented India in its full glory. Artist Shaheen Baig used parts of these designs and popular motifs from each city ( such as the Gateway of India from Mumbai ) and designed the limited edition bottle.

Absolut designed a special flavor, mango and peppers to suit the Indian palette and their love for mangoes and spices.
absolut-india (1)
This has now hit the shelves all across the sub continent in all its glory. In order to make it more tempting than it already is, Absolut India is running a campaign where it encourages customers to take a photograph of the bottle, caption it uniquely and share it on social media. The winning entries are treated to Taj vouchers.
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Step out, get your bottle of Mango & Pepper Vodka and try your hand at winning those Taj vouchers.
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