Ageless and timeless describes the 8-piece Hermès Classic Fragrance Collection

Hermès has been making artisan perfumes since 1951; but now the French couture house has introduced a collection set of classique eau de parfum to go down in the history of the world of fragrances. The timeless creations were signed off by Hermès’ in house ‘nose’ Jean Claude Ellena, to be relevant for any given time or era and to carry on the brand legacy. The collection comprises of 8 different fragrances – Eau d’Hermès, Calèche, Equipage, Amazone, Bel Ami, Rocabar, Hiris and Rouge Hermès – each, with unique characteristic that come in 100 ml spray bottle.

Hermes - Les Classiques
The Eau d’Hermès is the original fragrance that got the fashion house on its journey into the perfume industry and has basic notes of leather and citrus spice; whereas the womens’ Calèche carries with it ylang ylang, rose and jasmine along with hints of iris. The Equipage is a men’s fragrance that has spicy woody tones to it; while the Amazone is a tender yet spirited perfume for women that is full of daffodils, galbanum and green florals. The Bel Ami and Rocabar speak of masculinity with its authentic standalone leather notes on one hand and woody, cypress and resin notes on the other. The Hiris and the Rouge Hermès are both floral scents with the Hiris having more of a powder charm; while the other is laced with an oriental touch.
The classic collectible set should be a must for true Hermès fans!

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