All you need to know about customized hair, skin, and body care products from ‘Function of Beauty’

Function of Beauty is a world leader in offering customizable beauty products for the body, hair, and skin. Customers can build a profile for each product category to assist them in choosing the most beneficial ones.

Function of Beauty Hair Products
Before customers buy hair products for the first time, the quiz asks them to describe their hair as coiled, curly, straight, or wavy. The next question pertains to their hair structure, and the options include coarse, fine, or medium. Lastly, customers choose whether they feel their scalp moisture is balanced, dry, or oily. After selecting up to five hair goals, the quiz recommends specific hair care products.

The Starter Set is a favorite among Function of Beauty products for the hair. The kit includes an eight-ounce bottle of custom shampoo, an eight-ounce bottle of custom conditioner, ten percent off all orders for life, limited edition stickers, and free shipping on every order. The shampoo and conditioner last long enough for approximately 40 washes.

Customers who prefer to change their type of shampoo and conditioner just need to notify Function of Beauty to receive different types with the next shipment. Here are other popular hair care products they may want to try:

Custom Hair Mask: The customized formula offers the added moisture many people need for a healthy scalp. The mask product also provides deep conditioning treatment to nourish and revitalize damaged, dry, or dull hair.

Hair Mist: Function of Beauty Hair Mist conveniently provides hair with additional moisture and a light fragrance while on the go. They can also use it on days when they do not wash their hair. The product is available in pear, peach, and rose scents.

Hair Serum: This lightweight serum reduces frizz and flyaway hair while increasing shine by up to 26 times. Other benefits include up to a 75 percent reduction in tangles and protection from hair damage up to 400 degrees.

Body Wash and Body Lotion Products
Function of Beauty carries just one product in this line, but it will last several months. Customers receive a large bottle of body wash and body lotion that they can customize according to their fragrance and aesthetic preferences and level of skin moisture. All ingredients are animal-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. Customers with skin sensitivities can request that their order of body wash and body lotion not include added dye or fragrance.

Skin Care Products from Function of Beauty
Customers ordering skin care products for the first time should consider going through the quiz. The first question asks people to choose their skin type from balanced, combination, dry, or oily. Next, they answer how much make-up they wear on a typical day, ranging from none to full coverage. The third question asks how often the customer experiences skin sensitivity with answers including never, rarely, sometimes, or all the time.

After advancing to the next page, customers choose up to three skin care goals to receive their personalized recommendations. Function of Beauty offers these three skin care products:

Custom Facial Cleanser: The face cleaning product offers a non-drying formula and effectively removes make-up. A dermatologist has tested all ingredients to ensure they do not irritate the skin. Deep-cleaning technology means a feeling of freshness that can last for hours. Allantoin, betaine, and panthenol are the base ingredients in this product.

Custom Facial Moisturizer: People with dry skin should appreciate the locked-in smoothness and skin-quenching hydration provided by this moisturizer. This Function of Beauty product is appropriate for all customers, even those with sensitive skin or a major skin condition. Like the facial cleanser, a dermatologist has tested the ingredients of the moisturizer to ensure non-irritation. Ingredients include squalene, Tsubaki oil, and vitamin E.

Custom Facial Serum: Customers can refresh their skin and provide it with hydration between applications of moisturizer and cleanser with this serum. The skin easily absorbs the product because it is made from gel that transforms into liquid and then into powder. Some other benefits of this product include testing by a dermatologist, a high concentration of active ingredients, and deep-skin nourishment. The base ingredients of Function of Beauty serum include allantoin, betaine, and panthenol.

Function of Beauty also offers customers the opportunity to send a gift in two different formats. The first is a gift card that the company delivers the same day via email. The other option is to send a personalized gift set according to a shipping timeline determined by the customer.

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